Next‐Generation LLDPE Packaging Based on Weston® 705 Antioxidant Hits Consumer Shelves

A new generation of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging based on Addivant’s nonylphenol-free stabiliser Weston 705 has been rolled out to food packaging consumers in Europe, America and Asia.

Jonathan Hill, Chief Technology Officer for Addivant, said: “Due to its high phosphorous content, Weston 705 reduces the use of antioxidants by up to 20 per cent, allowing for more flexibility in formulations and recycling.

“Polyethylene resins based on Weston 705 are easier to process, more versatile, and create less plateout or gels than resins based on conventional solid phosphite antioxidant.”

Weston 705 has been approved globally by more than 20 major polymer manufacturers. It is the only liquid antioxidant for polyethylene producers offering a broadly tested single-additive solution for global converters and packaging manufacturers.

The growing commercial success of Weston 705 in food packaging is fueled by consumers and regulators increasing their focus on substances that unintentionally migrate from packaging into food. In parallel with these concerns, non-governmental organizations and authorities worldwide are pushing new food packaging regulations with a key focus on these Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS). An example: new Chinese food-contact law GB9685-2016 to be effective October 2017 will not allow greater than 10ppb of nonylphenol to migrate into food.

Weston 705 is the industry’s only liquid phosphite antioxidant with a full, clean NIAS human safety assessment and is approved for food contact by the FDA, Europe’s EFSA, and China’s NHFPC.

Today, Weston 705 is approved for food-contact use in more than 50 countries and allows polyolefin, elastomer and PVC producers to anticipate changing regulations for nonylphenol and other NIAS.

By the end of 2017, Addivant will have expanded its Weston 705 capacity five-fold compared to early 2016 at its Morgantown, WV, plant and in China. Weston 705 is already one of Addivant’s largest products.

“This is another important milestone for Addivant’s more than $30 million investments in technology and capacity for Weston 705,” says John Steitz, Addivant’s CEO. The company anticipates an additional expansion in 2018.


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